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Salesforce - From Start-Up to Scale-Up – Preparing Yourself for Exponential Gro

Closed Workshop

15. Mar 2018 12:00 - 13:30

3.1 - Floor - Workshop 3

Despite an increasing maturity of existing technology, a substantial fraction of IT projects still fail to create business value. The main reason for this is the existing gap between desired business outcomes and necessary technological capabilities to achieve them. At the center of this paradigm is the customer with their rising expectations for a more individual approach: more service, more functions, more cost efficiency, more mobility, more tailor-made offers, more interaction. These expectations call for established providers – Start-ups respond to it particularly fast and light-footed by their agile, flexible business processes. But how can you prepare your organization for exponential growth without losing this main advantage? Especially when you are a start-up you strive to grow your customer base steadily. We help start-ups fuel and stabilize their growth in entirely new ways by sharing best practices on how we help our customers to find, win and keep their customers. In this workshop, we want to provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and solutions to prepare for scalability.