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Horse riding has mostly failed to take advantage of advances in technology. Our vision is to bring modern technologies to Olympic equine sports to improve the public’s understanding, interest, and enjoyment of them while boosting riders’ and horses’ performances. We develop innovative technologies and products that provide performance statistics for equestrian sports. Alogo SHOW is a service for high-level international competitions; Alogo MOVE is an IoT equine wearable in development for quantifying training. Most international equestrian competitions give the public no performance statistics. Lack of understanding and consequent disinterest have made the IOC threaten to remove equine sports from the Olympic games. Nothing exists for recording and analysing horses in training, which undoubtedly reduces the scope for improving performance. Without tools to measure the quality of a training session, riders rely exclusively on their trainers’ subjective analyses. Alogo MOVE allows riders and trainers to quantify improvements or reductions in performance precisely, to understand incidents in training or the reasons for penalties in a competition. Data analyses can prevent injuries and thus save time and money. The combination of Alogo SHOW and Alogo MOVE make us the only company covering the twin markets for performance technologies in equine competitions and training.

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