Rick Ziemba

17 Mar 14:11

Gesucht: Gestern ein sympathisches Mädchen bei der Aftershow kennengelernt, haben uns lange unterhalten und waren auf einer Wellenlänge ✌🏻

Gian R. Grob

17 Mar 11:45

thanks for the great and fun summit! hit me up in lucerne 🤙🏽


Daniel Nejat-Aski

16 Mar 21:40

I have a flight at 9AM in Zurich tomorrow. Anyone going there really early in the morning with a free spot? Repaying in gratitude,cigarettes

Michael Eder

16 Mar 20:49

Commented on: World Luxury Waters Meggen

Thanks for coming by and say hi! We hope you enjoyed our waters! :) ✌🏻

Yanek Brinkmann

16 Mar 20:46

Commented on: Florian Wiedmann

Pre and after Party at Föhrenstrasse 8. Text Florian +41 79 275 95 94

Ferhat Guezlane

16 Mar 20:42

Ferhat Guezlane

16 Mar 20:41

Well done guys #congratulations

Henning Hüsch

16 Mar 20:30

Has anyone seen beer yet?

Roman Blum

16 Mar 20:01

Where will be the afterparty? 🎉

Claudiu Leverenz

16 Mar 19:54

Amazing people and great summit


Ricardo Monagas

16 Mar 18:27

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Lisa Gradow

16 Mar 17:07

Anyone driving to Munich tonight/tomorrow with a free spot? Will repay with funny stories and a free implementation of the Privacy Button😊


16 Mar 16:56

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Alen Arslanagic

16 Mar 16:42

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Ken Grossmann

16 Mar 15:27

Really nice community, ideas and innovatons arround here! All of you makes that possible. Just wanna say thank you!

Cosimo Helmboldt

16 Mar 14:13

@Investors interested in a Chinese Fintech (Series A): Please let me know you are here. I would be happy to talk to you :-)

Sascha Duric

16 Mar 13:53

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Philippe Küng

16 Mar 13:37

Hi, I’m out new tech founder. Ping me if you’re looking for your tech team and let’s have a chat!


Michaela GRUBER

16 Mar 13:23

Cool inspiring keynote & discussion with Andrew Sutherland


Klaus Reichert

16 Mar 13:23

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Lea fee

16 Mar 13:21

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Michelle Rickenbach

16 Mar 13:00

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Patrick Kolasa

16 Mar 12:51

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Benjamin Gärtner

16 Mar 12:37


Philip Schweizer

16 Mar 12:33

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